Usa Communications Cable Tv Service Reviews

I turn the tv on to watch football games and guess what, no cable same as last week. I will be changing to Dish. I wish Charter was available. My neighbors are all pissed off too. I will be deducting $20 from my bill. I thought we had it bad with Coosa cable. You hear me? ***, ***, ***, ***, ***. The cable service was supposed to be better in a month after USA Communications took over but it is anything but better. I will be calling the Public...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of service on weekends
When USA bought out Coosa Cable I went and complained then about the cable service, was told to give them six months and it would be fixed. Over a year later it has not been fixed but has gotten worse, more channels affected than a year ago. Cannot watch a football game on SEC network, most of the HBO channels are a joke if you are trying to watch them along with Encore Channels. You pretty much cannot watch any action of any kind. Put in an...
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Usa Communications Cable Tv Service Review

The cablel hasn't been working for 2 day 10/7/16 thru 10/8/16 , I'm getting a adjeustment on my bill for foe the 2 days. If the bill is not payed by the 10th there's a late charge I should get reimbursement on my bill.